Thursday, April 17, 2008

Firefox feature request

I love to hack URLs to navigate the web, especially for sites with clean urls. What I'd love is if Firefox could hack the address bar text field so that the slash '/' is the default word seperator, instead of the usual space. This way just pressing Shift + Left/Right Arrow would allow power users to quickly select clean url tokens and edit them faster. This could even be improved so that the ampersand '&' is also a tokenizer.

Why haven't I posted this on Mozilla's bug tracker as a feature request, because I don't want to create an account, and I'm hoping that some reader who has one will do it for me :p


  1. This works for me on Mac. I hold shift+option and then right or left arrow and it does word selects stopping at any punctuation, including slashes.

    Is it different on your platform?

  2. Ahh, figured it out, I think. This is fixed in what is about to become Firefox 3 and you're probably on Firefox 2 so you wouldn't see it there.

    Try Beta 5 or try again with Firefox 3 comes out.

    - A

  3. Thanks for letting me know.
    I've been wanting this for years now that I think about it

    Maybe I was just being illiterate :)