Saturday, February 24, 2007

Its back

Not much of an interesting blog post this. Its just to let readers know that 22bits has been back for a while now, and I forgot to mention it.

Monday, February 12, 2007

22bits down

For all visitors who visited my site, 22bits, I would like to apologize for an Account Suspended page. Actually there was some confusion on the part of the x10hosting system which has led to me being suspended for no fault of my own. 22bits will be up in approximately 2 days. Forgive me for the inconvenience.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Dream Linux 2.2

The February issue of LinuxForYou included Dream Linux 2.2. The LiveCD booted really fast in comparison to other distros, perhaps because it uses a light XFCE environment.

But for its weight it sure looks amazing! A highly Macish look and feel with Engage completing the Dock. The applications installed are also a good mix of commonly used to niche ones. Overall I found Dream had taken the good points of quite a number of distros, put together a nice control panel and easy installer.

So I jumped ahead and installed it on my spare partition. Installation was quite fast with just 7 steps, including partitioning, installation, installing bootloader, which I skipped and creating the user accounts.

DreamLinux too had a common problem I've faced with LiveCDs. The non root user's password is often not set properly, which means when you boot from harddisk, you can't login. Not a nice way to start with Linux. For someone in the know its easy to do a Ctrl+Alt+F1 and change the password, but for new users it can be harrowing.

Overall DreamLinux is a really good distro. Though Arch will still remain my primary distro, since I have it customised to heavily, it is one whose progress I will watch closely. If you are new to Linux I would highly recommend it. If you are not, you already know what you need. With a little tweaking Dream could easily become a Distrowatch top 20er.

Linux preaches the Art Of Living

At Tuxme they have Sri Sri Ravi Shankar advocating his Art of Living movement. This is a whole new twist to the term 'contextual advertising'

Saturday, February 10, 2007

This Week in my life

Since I don't blog often, I have decided to blog every Saturday or Sunday about any interesting stuff that (happened to me)/(i tried) in the week.

So getting started with the wide world of the web:

Ma.gnolia as quite a number of people must already be knowing is a social bookmarking site just like
Since I have been a user for a long time, I never really tried ma.gnolia. But yesterday I took the plunge and signed up because it seems to have more features, and more tools to find good links. So for a week I am going to use Ma.gnolia instead of and see which is better

Bad, Bad Me.dium
2 weeks ago I sent in my email for a beta invite to Me.dium. Today I got the invite link. I was asked to install the plugin and register. And then the worst thing. Me.dium tells me I have to be over 18 to use it. Now how bad is that. Me.dium has a really well designed site and nifty tips. But the least they could do was tell me in bold that I had to be over 18, when I submitted my email. Its really annoying to be expecting something amazing and be denied at the last moment.

I decided to finally learn a bit of LaTeX and have some fun with it. So I installed Kile and downloaded The not so short introduction to LaTeX2e

That ends the first issue of tWiML.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Colourcode 0.2 released

ColourCode 0.2 has been released.

In addition to the features mentioned in the previous post it now supports C# and Shellscript and Javascript.

Check it out at the ColourCode homepage