Wednesday, December 23, 2009


A few years down the line, we will have little devices stuck on your cheeks monitoring facial expressions. And then they will tweet "nikhil is #laughing", "nikhil is #sad" and perhaps even "nikhil got #slapped" - The cult of microblogging...

Sunday, December 20, 2009


Twitter usually syncs with the (developed) world pretty fast in hashtags. But I'm surprised Copenhagen is not on it.

To add some semblance of code: I've been mucking with node.js and some of the effect is simple TagLib bindings with that being used for something more important soon. Much improved ( or rather simplified ) kwin-tiling too with a few regressions like moving and resizing.

Sunday, December 06, 2009 Day 4 and 5 day 4 gave me a chance to attend quite a few talks. In the morning Girish Ramakrishnan and Prashanth had a open session for anyone interested in Qt, so I got a few things clarified about MVC in Qt, and had a quick introduction to QGraphicsView ( I haven't got around to trying it yet ).

Then I spent the afternoon compiling trunk, again with repeated power failures, until I finally had a really great KDE desktop. I love the new Add Applet panel, the new netbook view for the desktop and other smooth effects. Qt Kinetic raises animation to a whole new level, check out the examples.

Later I attended “Writing plugins for Qt Creator” — another great feature I didn't know existed. What is with Qt and great software? Gopal introduced libjit. But Philip Tellis gave perhaps the best talk I've ever seen, with on the fly shell hacking to analyse Apache logs. It was true open source collaboration with the audience interjecting about sed options and redundancy, especially since Philip couldn't see all of the screen :). He also demonstrated some Javascript hacks and YQL

On day 5, I had only a few hours there before catching my flight. I chose to implement Imgur support for the Pastebin applet, which is now on the Reviewboard Day 3

This was KDE Project of the Day at

This was best captured by Sujith, so you should go there.

My slides “My next KDE application” Day 2

( Forgive the past/present tense conflicts )

My computer started behaving oddly ( again ) today. It has a tendency to randomly shut off once in a while. I'm not sure if it is due to over heating or some issue with the power supply. This is interrupting a lot of my compiles or svn updates. The rest of the KDE dev gang arrived today — Akarsh, Prakash, Sujith and Kashyap.

My laptop is now desecrateddecorated with a KDE bumper sticker, and I have a KDE sweatshirt I can't wait to try on. is turning out to be a great investment :D, what with trying out the Nokia N900 and having my first ever Wi-Fi experience.

The rest of the day was spent in fixing up the slides, getting code to compile and having a final meeting to decide the course of the next day, the KDE Project of the Day. Day 1

( This series of posts was published on 6th Dec 2009, but written almost daily )
Today was the first day of and although getting to the place was a bit of a hassle due to everything new, I did get there on time. A great opening by Atul Chitnis formally started Chana masala was the first thing on my mind after that since I hadn't eaten in hours. After that I finally met some KDE guys, Kartik Mistry, Pradeepto and Shantanu, Santosh, Madhusudan and more. So we spent the next 4 hours at the KDE booth setting up flyers, stickers and other schwag to get people into KDE ( yes we at KDE bribe people to contribute :p ). So I have three KDE badges and one sticker on my entry pass.

Incidentally the release of Qt 4.6.0 coincided with day 1 of With so many KDE guys around I decided it was time to rebuild kde trunk from scratch after almost two months. Behold the power of git daemon, I just copied qt-kde and ready to go.

I finally took some time off and attended Ramkumar's Haskell talk. The guy really knows his functional programming !

Dimitris Glezos was the first keynote speaker, he talked about building a disruptive open source project and sticking to the goal.

( Which reminds me, I should get someone to list my name in the speakers when all the PotD's get their slides attached )