Thursday, May 13, 2010




  1. you are both right! *hands out candy*

    But that was just a dirty hack so I could have something to show. The thing is nowhere near complete yet.

  2. Hi, saw your blog and your comments on KDE. I want to begin a project on a slim KDE (no Nepomuk, Akonadi or Strigi – or Kmail, Akregator, etc.)

    Browser – Chromium
    Mail – Thunderbird
    Torrent – qBittorrent
    Print – Print Manager (not printer applet which is in Python and takes up 18mb)
    IRC – Xchat (all KDE specific ones have Akonadi dependencies)
    Runner – Lancelot
    remove Desktop Activities (Desktop vs Activities.. very confusing)

    My startup memory consumption is at 300mb and I want to bring it down to 150 mb.

    do you think it is a good idea ? I am a long time KDE user, but I have been searching for other Indians working on KDE core, so that I can get some help.

    I dont even know how to build and then most importantly, _how to test_ KDE builds on Ubuntu.

  3. I am not sure why you would want to do that. That said, choosing third party apps is going to increase your memory consumption even more. With pure KDE and no other apps, you'll have only Qt and KDE libs up, with Chromium and Thunderbird, and XChat you also have GTK.

    As for removing desktop activities, that isn't possible unless you are willing to change code in both Plasma and KWin and then be responsible for maintaining those branches and making sure they are bug free, which is a huge task. Activities are very deeply embedded into Plasma and KWin now.

    As for the good idea? I don't know, I've never measured how much memory KDE takes. I have 3gb of ram, and I like KDE too much to fuss about memory requirements since I never run out.

    One thing is that I do not work on KDE core.

    Why are you looking for Indians, anyone is fine know. Anyway the first mistake of anybody is to *wait* for someone with whom they can work. Start working, only once you produced something that atleast is a proof of concept will other people join you.

    The best place to start is and the #kde-devel IRC channel. Lots of very core devs hang out there, and these ideas will probably receive more feedback from them. There might already be existing projects trying to do this. For India specifically, their is the #kde-in channel.

    I'm referring these resources because if FOSS devs start helping everyone personally via email, we will have nothing else to do :D

    Have fun with KDE!

  4. Nikhil, thanks for replying !
    I was looking for Indians probably for the timezone issue.
    One problem I have is building a minimal KDE environment - trust me coming from a beginner, that the KDE instructions to begin building are not very clear (for e.g. I ran into issues with Phonon, etc.)

    Anyways, thanks for your comments - I do stand by my belief that KDE is the most cutting edge of all desktops, yet its interface and speed has suffered (as compared to say Gnome). I dont know how far I'll get, but let me see !