Monday, April 26, 2010

KWin tiling is merged

I'm glad to announce that yesterday the kwin-tiling branch was merged into kwin trunk by commit 1118677!. It will be available in KDE SC 4.5. Please keep in mind that it is an experimental feature with rough edges. Bug fixes are already on the way, but some things, like session saving and so on are absent. Please do add feature requests and bugs to the KDE bug tracker.

This screencast should show off a few things. Apparently xvidcap produced really bad video, so I will have to do it again, watch out for updates here.

Thanks to Martin Graesslin for being my mentor during Season of KDE, and all the others who bugged me with emails about when tiling would be integrated into KWin :)

GSoC results now 13 hours away...

( Mamma, I'm not stressed out :-) )


  1. Great work, I look forward to playing with this!

  2. Great work! Thank you for this awesome feature :-)

  3. Woohooooo! :)

  4. Thank you for this this is awesome feature..
    KDE4 to rule them all :)

    :D it rimes ;)

  5. cool! Thank you for work
    & sorry me for my english))

  6. Cool!

    It is not AwesomeWM yet, but it is promising. The left tile layout work well, spiral is unusable, as in every tiled windows manager (it most be me). It would be cool to be able to disable title bar, otherwise, great start!

  7. Is kwin-tiling still maintained? I reported some bugs on this y-y but someone told me it is rather unmaintained.~~
    And it will be nice to also export some/more scripting interface since this is basically most of tiling wm do afaik.