Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hello Planet

( One of my entries already got aggregated, but this is the traditional introduction )

Hello KDE people! My name is Nikhil Marathe. I'm a relatively new KDE developer ( ~3 months ), currently working on implementing tiling in kwin.

I started using KDE when I switched to ( what was ) Mandrake in 2001. I think it was KDE 3.2. Well I loved it, and have stuck with KDE ever since, following every release with great excitement. But I never considered myself able enough to hack the code. But it seems all those years of learning paid off, and motivation come in the form of Google's Summer of Code. Unfortunately tiling support didn't get a slot, but I decided to implement it anyway. And now it's coming along just fine. Thanks to Martin (mgraesslin), my mentor, for his guidance and Jonathan for his early interest in the code.

So a little bit about myself. I'm 18 years old. I'm an Indian. I'm currently in the 2nd year of the undergraduate course at DA-IICT. Though I'm currently in Gandhinagar, I'm a Mumbai boy through and through.

When I'm not hacking away I usually read or play football.

Thats it. I hope to keep contributing to KDE for many more years. I remember when I used to read the Planet wondering whether I would ever feature on it. Some dreams do come true!


  1. great to see a new KDE hacker.

    And glad to see that Mandrake/Mandriva allow some people to discover Linux. Don't hesitate to use/test Mandriva from time to time ;-)

  2. Thanks Fabrice and Dread Knight.

    I've got nothing against Mandriva, but since the last 3 years I'm doing more than great with Arch :)

  3. Hah.

    As a relative new guy on the Planet, let me also say: Welcome!
    I see a lot of similarities that I find amusing: I also started with Mandrake in 2000-2001. At first I used Gnome, but once I tried out KDE (3.1 or 3.2 I think) I was hooked.

    Currently I'm also an Arch user (switched just this year from Slackware). and one of my ambitions is to become a KDE developer. It's cool to see that you've already come this far - looking forward to see tiling support in KWin. :)

  4. Nikhil,

    great to see you make such good progress with your SoK project. That's awesome! Keep up the good work.
    And yay for dreams coming true :)


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  6. welcome to the planet! :)