Saturday, July 14, 2007

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix from the heart

Just back from seeing the fifth movie, and I'm in such a state of euphoria, I am just gonna let my subconscious type this. Man its so awesomely, splendidly, really really great. The effects, the acting, the everything is so totally spectacular. Its short ofcourse, but they have managed to put in enough to satisfy those who have read the book. It's this really cool thing about all these epic stories, HP, LOTR, Star Wars, they so totally immerse you in their world, trapping you for a few hours in a place with no worries, make you forget about your routine life. And if you are passionate about these things like I am, then you remember everything about them. I can probably list all the spells in HP and the whole history of Middle Earth, but I can't remember half the things I learnt yesterday in math. I just can't express in words how I feel after reading/watching stuff as good as this. So I will just leave those who do feel these things like I do to enjoy them...

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