Sunday, April 08, 2007

India's problems Part 1, Root- Illiteracy

This is a mindmap me and my friend ( well my friend made most of it ) made about the problems faced by India due to illiteracy. These are purely our views and opinions. If you want to disagree you are welcome to do so in the comments. The image was made in Freemind and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution+NonCommercial license

EDIT: Blogger has scaled the original image. For a large version go to indiaproblems.jpg


  1. well....most of the Illiteracy (india-problems) was true except the part that says "no feeling of responsibility to society"....that aint true...coz even frm the age n times of stoneman til today-ie the modern developed continues to remain responsible towards the society he belongs to,.....if some1 doesnt...that is irrespective of whether he is literate or not......

    well another part says.."Corruption Degradation Greed"....degradation-yes. but i feel the other two are not dependant on the 'litracy factor'....they can apply to anyone...a most highly educated person too!

  2. Oh man. I remember this.

    A good use of the Environmental Science Lecture. I recall it was rather dark and we were doodling with a Natraj pencil on a yellow paper.

    Good Times.